Notes from Under the Table – Column

Notes from Under the Table

by Dave Dawson

When Scott (Ed/Pub) approached me about working for Lollipop, I said that it was kind of a cool idea. I was taken with the idea of having an affect on the local scene, in other words POWER! You know that I’m talking about: MONEY, WOMAN, YES-MEN, Etc. OOOOH yeah. As I sit and write this, issue No. 1 is about 3/4th done. We have to go to press tomorrow and I haven’t bathed or slept in as long as I can remember. But, for all the stress and, of course, stench, this project, this dream, has affected me greatly. I’m no longer content to follow others; they will follow. Not that I want that, and in some cases walk beside me and if not I’ll walk along and be content because I’ve put my ass on the line to make a dream happen. I would like to leave with you some ideas for a couple of writers that have had a profound impact on me.

The first part of a poem written by Charles Bukowski from his book Love Is A Dog From Hell;

The Meek Have Inherited
I think of the men
I’ve known in
With no way to
Get out –
Choking while living
Choking while laughing –
At Bob Hope or Lucille
Ball while
2 or 3 Children Beat
Tells Balls Against
The Walls
Some Suicides are Never

The second is from the philosopher Friedrich Neitche, from his book, Twilight of the Idols and the Antichrist:

What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man.

What is bad? All that proceeds from weakness.

What is happiness? The feeling that power

increases, that a resistance is ever come.

Not contentment, but more power; not

Peace at all. But war. Not proficiency

The weak and ill constituted shall perish

The first principle of our philanthropy. And

One shall Help them to do so.

So in closing, I’d like to say THROW over the table and stand the #$/*@ up on your feet and look to no one for the answers, because no one has them.