Bone Dry System – Review

Bone Dry System

by Scott Hefflon

First off, it’s a cool name. Secondly, if you are familiar with the glut of if-you’ve-heard-one-you’ve-heard-them-all bill-fillers, you’ll be glad to know someone’s stepping over the heap and going somewhere with it.

I put the date at the top of the article (which is actually way past deadline, but what else is new?) to show we got it first. You can bet the “competition” (cough!) will be all over these guys once they catch wind. But, as I said, we got it first.

Truthfully, I can’t pinpoint what it is that differentiates this band from the other attempts. It’s more a combination of elements than any one specific. The production is professional, without sounding like Ratt; the vocals go beyond the settle-for-Seattlesque sound with power, and bright, almost Bo Deanish harmonies; they guitars and bass are, well, heavy yet fluid, precise yet jammin’; and I love the snare drum sound. I know it sounds petty, but I need something to latch onto. It’s all because of that great sounding snare. That’s the deciding factor, I’ve decided. The demo is your standard four-song, same on both sides demo, but there’s definitely something atypical about it. I can’t define that something. Hey, figure it out for yourself.