Linda Goodman’s Love Signs – Review

Love Signs

by Linda Goodman (Ballantine Books, 1978)
by Laura Kallio

With Love Signs, Goodman takes what’s learned in Sun Signs one step further. Not only are Sun Signs discussed but, more importantly, we discover in Love Signs the ways in which different Sun Signs get along. Goodman pairs up every possible combination and again, breaks them down into (e.g.) Aquarius man/Virgo woman, Virgo man/Aquarius woman. There is also a more general section in which two signs’ compatibility, or lack thereof, is discussed. There are, I’m sure, many who use this book as some sort of romance barometer. But there is much more going on here.

Rather than a Taurus-and-Virgo-get-along-great-but-if-you’re-a-Leo-avoid-Scorpios approach, Goodman is more inclined to explain why two Sun Signs – friends, lovers, family members, whatever – will get along or why they may encounter personality conflicts and how best to overcome these.

The influence here is positive as it helps us understand why people behave the way they do, what their motives and secret hopes are and the ways in which they commingle. Understanding. That’s the key here.