Grease – Review

September 1, 1998

America has always been nostalgic about the 1950s. There was American Graffiti, Happy Days, and perhaps the quintessential ’50s epic, Grease.

Let’s Go Shopping – Column

December 1, 1995

If you like knowing that you’re the only one with a particular polyester leopard-spotted shirt with a collar out to there, then second-hand is the way to go.

The Underneath – Review

May 1, 1995

The Underneath wants to rise above “stylish thriller” status. It wants to harken back to the days of film noir and tries to avoid The Pelican Brief Club.

Tank Girl – Review

April 1, 1995

Tank Girl, the latest film converted from a cult comic book, remains just that, a comic. The characters are as one dimensional as their paper prototypes.

Muriel’s Wedding – Review

April 1, 1995

Muriel’s Wedding, at times tragic and moving, is elsewhere hilarious and heartwarming without ever manipulating or stooping to a predictable, mawkish level.

Shallow Grave – Review

March 1, 1995

Shallow Grave’s not-so-subtle shifts accelerate the film into a careening series of mind-bending hair-pin plot twists and turns.

MTV Year in Rock 1994 – Review

March 1, 1995

The best and worst of 1994, distilled down to only the bare essentials, and delivered as only Kurt Loder and Tabitha Soren could.

Linus Welch – Review

February 1, 1994

One day, Linus sets out on a very Holdenesque trip to nowhere particular and eventually winds up finding himself, sort of.

Kalifornia – Review

February 1, 1994

The brutally violent story of how psychotic killer, Early (Brad Pitt), and his dim-witted, child-like girlfriend Adele (Juliette Lewis), terrorize an unsuspecting couple.

True Romance – Review

February 1, 1994

True Romance is an uproarious, gory, rollercoaster ride. It’s a heart warming, sexy, romantic comedy trapped in the body of an action movie.

Sexual Astrology – Review

October 1, 1993

Don’t let the title fool you. This is not a book about sex. It’s a book that focuses on gender-based and elemental astrology.

Apartment J – Fiction

October 1, 1993

“I’m the presiding mad-hatter gypsy freak… I’ve seen the ending… forget the beginning… and tomorrow’s so far away.”

Little John – I Wanna Be Sure – Review

June 1, 1993

“I Wanna Be Sure,” the first of the record’s two songs, captures Little John at their most infectious. The song has been called cute, but hey, it’s refreshing.