Black Train Jack – You’re Not Alone – Review

Black Train Jack

You’re Not Alone (Roadrunner)
by Scott Hefflon

Positive Energy and good, clean fun is what this band is all about. Sure it’s straight-edge hardcore, but they don’t get all self-righteous and judgmental about it. “I’m poison-free intentionally, a choice I made a long time ago,” is sung proudly in the title track and that’s about as far as they press the issue. Most importantly, they rock heavy, loud, and with hooks the size of steamship anchors. They have a singer who can actually singe.

For a sizable guy, he can belt it out AND slam (in a very positive way, of course) with a quantity of energy that would tire most beer-guzzling, Marlboro-puffing thrash boys. While most of the all-ages Middle East crowd was loitering on the stairs or sitting in clumps on the floor, the dance floor was jammed with sXe kids who actually knew how to dance (as opposed to the rock-necks and college dorks who run into each other and push a lot), and got a punk train going. The crowd piled across on another to profess their belief, “We’ve still got the edge!” I tell ya, it was a bonding moment. The songs are so catchy and the energy infectious, it’s a shame this isn’t in heavy radio rotation. The feel-good vibe might just uplift a few spirits.