B-Thong – Skinned – Review


Skinned (Pavement)
by Scott Hefflon

Sweden seems to be the latest breeding ground for heavy music. Ranging from industrial to death to hardcore, the bands are building a rep for kickin’ ass all over Europe, and then coming over to the States. B-Thong is from Gothenburg, Sweden, and has been blasting crazed fans with their chug-core at metal fests and on compilations since the early ’90s. Coming from more of a “heavy metal” background, the 20-ton guitars pound and march, weaving in screaming solos and sprinkling in a few movie excerpts and soundbites for good measure. B-Thong stomps like a sledgehammer on pavement – slow, heavy and utterly destructive. The way singer Tont Jelencovich roars, you’d really want him to be on your side of an argument, and the group-shout choruses make them sound robust and mean. Yup, they could kick Green Day’s collective ass without breaking a sweat.