Bolt Thrower – …For Victory – Review

Bolt Thrower

…For Victory (Earache)
by Scott Hefflon

War! The battle call thunders in the form of Bolt Thrower‘s fourth Earache release, …For Victory. The band has altered its ranks again but has only upped the assault to a new level. As their latest opus of brutality hits the streets, singer Karl Willets and drummer Andy Whale are out of the band. Ex-Pestilence/Asphyx singer Martin Van Drunnen will now growl at center stage. Judging from his previous work, his monstrous roar should blend violently with Bolt Thrower’s existing guitar style. Saying the guitar work has become more melodic and refined is not at all to say it has lost its power. If anything, it’s gotten a crisper and sharper edge, like a battleaxe – a dull one will bash skulls by sheer force, but this razor sharp one will cleave them like warm butter. ...For Victory channels raw aggression into the corruption of civilization and the fight for survival. Crushing everything in its path like a tank plowing blindly through friend and foe, Bolt Thrower is coming.