Lords of Acid – Voodoo U – Review

Lords of Acid

Voodoo U (American)
by Scott Hefflon

This CD is on heavy rotation at all Lollipop parties. It’s got the motion, it’s got the attitude, it makes you want to get buck naked and fuck. This is a CD that makes even the most whitebread of us shake our tail feathers. Lords of Acid really strikes a chord in the alternative/heavy alternative/whatever-you’re-into crowd. There are thunderous guitars mixed in with throbbing percussion and squishing and squelchy keyboard sounds. Most of the enthusiasm comes from the male populace, each willing to trade his left testicle to roll around with singer, Lady Galore. Her spicy lyrics about shaking her pussy and “makes me come” yelps seem to perk a few ears and other anatomical parts on most men and many women, too. Funny thing is, those lyrics are from “The Crab Louse” which, not surprisingly, is about the not-especially enjoyable S.T.D.

While most of the songs are sexually oriented, there is more than a subtle hint of political subversion in the songs. That’s like calling a wrecking ball a hint, by the way. Lady and her fellow Lords use the medium of techno the way Gen and her Genitorturers use thrashy metal. Expression of sexual freedom can be seen as a freak show to snicker at, be offended by, or become aroused from.

It’s unfortunate that Beavis and Butthead have brought us to think, “Heh-heh, she said pussy, heh-heh,” and miss the context in which she says it. Oh well, perhaps they aren’t using dominant/submissive roles as a parallel to social and economical situations. Maybe Ms. Galore just wants to be whipped and have macho men kiss her bootie – Cyndi Lauper wanted to have fun, so why can’t Lady Galore? Maybe I could read masked revolution in Barry Manilow’s lyrics.

Get this CD, play it at parties or whenever you need an energy boost, and definitely toss it in next time you get down and dirty and want to sweat, tumble around the room breaking furniture and, in general, fuck wild.