Groovezilla – Review



by Al Perry

When was the last time you heard “power death jungle music”? Probably never, but if you give Groovezilla‘s self-titled Mausoleum debut a listen, you will. This Kentucky-based fivesome, comprised of St. Jerrod (voice), Vee (voice/sax), Scott (bass), Chad (drums) and Wendell (guitar) are doing some pretty mean, funky, pissed-off stuff. Groove’s influences are obvious throughout – blending rap, reggae, power funk, and gobs of early Metallica into a sound uniquely their own. This heavy, boldly diverse mix results in a different sound with every song. Lyrically, Groovezilla’s debut CD is a cynical, embittered retort aimed at today’s political hierarchy. But underneath all the anger and frustration lies a plea for a change from the “money first” ethic that has turned much of America into a battlezone.

Combining diversity and power with an underlying message, Groovezilla are conducting an experiment on just how many different styles of music they can combine. The gain in their popularity proves the experiment is succeeding.