Dog Faced Hermans – Bump & Swing – Review

Dog Faced Hermans

Bump & Swing (Alternative Tentacles)
by Joshua Brown

With thundering bass, jazzy rhythms, and blaring horn sections mixed with almost Björk-like female vocals, Dog Faced Hermans have moved themselves to the forefront of avant-garde political punk rock. They share this genre (and hometown Amsterdam, Holland) with scene veterans the EX, who are more avant-garde but less accessible. For a less obscure reference, think of Big Black with female vocals and a horn section. Bump & Swing is a live recording of previously released material. The sound quality is decent for a live set, with the vocals and bass up front and the rest somewhat hidden. If you don’t already own anything by Dog Faced Hermans, buy Those Deep Buds. If you’re already into them, Bump & Swing will be a good supplement to your collection.