The Living Daylights – Give Til It Hurts – Review

The Living Daylights

Give ‘Til It Hurts
by Scott Hefflon

Snappily-dressing gents with a firm grasp on how to write a hook. The graphics are great, and the production lush and professional, yet it maintains the characteristics of what sounds like a wild live band. There is, however, one discrepancy I need to point out. It’s merely a matter of semantics and point-of-reference. They’re repeatedly called ‘power pop’ and similar ’90s-sounding catch phrases. I think they have a thoroughly rock sound, rather ’80s, with strong ties to Cheap Trick and equivalent guitar rock heroes of the period. Perhaps that sounds too retro for the alternamarket, but if that’s the music you love, the music that’s shaped your style, for Christ’s sake, be honest. Ain’t no shame admitting you love ham-it-up, shake-your-butt, party rock. Ain’t it a shame we try to call it anything else. I’d love to see these guys live.