Noise Box – Nuffnutz – Review

Noise Box

Nuffnutz (Cleopatra)
by Scott Hefflon

Amidst a steaming load of sample-dependent electro-shit, there is occasionally a gem. Noise Box may be the smorgasbord of dance/guitar mayhem needed to shake that upper-middle class bootie of yours at the next MTV-sponsored rave, or perhaps just re-instill your faith in the slightly above mediocre genre of dance music. They call this stuff terror tech, and it blends shock culture samples from Ice T, every Tarantino quote ever, and anything else with the word “motherfucker” in it. Hard-edged guitars complement the Eurothrobbing beats and tech beeps, blurps, clicks and clanks. There is, of course, the mandatory voice distortion on the aggressive lyrics.