McRackins – In On The Yolk! – Review


In On The Yolk! (Shredder)
by Scott Hefflon

This band is incredible! When the 10″ is released in April, those eight songs will make 100 songs released in 15 months on 16 labels. McRackins consistently pump out top notch pop/punk brimming with such hooks and humor that most bands would have been famous and resting on their laurels long ago. I have no clue if they’re considered “big,” but I can’t see how anyone could not like them. They have the peppy punk and the sing-a-long pop that ensures hit-of-the-day-where-are-they-now success. But the McRackins keep ripping out dumb love songs and odes to vegetables at a pace that is almost inhuman. While many bands may be called prolific, few can hit the mark with practically every song and every album. Even if you haven’t memorized every song after a few listens, you’ll catch a chorus, a verse, or something within a few more times through. How many albums can you say that about? “Spud Gun,” smells so much of obvious single that it’s almost offensive, but the endless ’70s guitar rock solo and drum solo (simultaneously, I might add. Does that make them not solos?) save it in the end. While some may cry Ramones, Screeching Weasel, or The Queers; they haven’t put out a shit album yet, and you can’t say that of the aforementioned (of course, they’ve packed all this into 15 months). McRackins have the tempo, the hooks, the harmonies, and the much-missing humor element to be the most fun pop/punk band out there. The chicken quit and was replaced by a dog. If that makes no sense to you, buy In On The Yolk! It still probably won’t make sense, but at least you’ll have the record.