Fourball – #3 – Review


#3 $1 (183 Angell St. Providence, RI 02906)
by Scott Hefflon

How to waste five minutes of your life: Read an issue of Fourball Fanzine. (“Read” may be an exaggeration depending on toleration limitations.) While getting points for being a bona-fide ‘zine (the type is tiny, the layout ugly, the resolution of photos poor, the “writing” both typically I’m-so-cool-I-don’t-like-anything and unsubstanciated at that, and they write about the same damn crap everyone else does – and that’s the interesting stuff), Fourball Fanzine would do the world a great service if they stopped killing trees to print the drivel that passes for their opinion. There ain’t nothing new here, but at least it’s recyclable.