Lex’s Top Ten of ’96 – Column

Lex’s Top Ten of ’96

by Lex Marburger

(in no particular order):

Nick Cave Murder Ballads (Warner Bros.) – Even though everyone slammed this, Cave’s exploration into folk styles as well as the murderous psyche made an album that sticks in your head like a knife.

Beck Odelay (DGC) – Possibly the best white rap album since Paul’s Boutique (Or maybe it’s just ’cause of the Dust Brothers).

Loop Guru Amarita… (World Domination) – Trance/Dance Global music that stands above the slightly offensive “World Techno” scene for reasons that include the use of real drummers and a tribal live show.

Sheila Chandra A Bone Crone Drone (Real World) – Ambient drone that demands you create your own melodies and develops imaginary counterpoint.

Descendents Everything Sucks (Epitaph) – “I’m The One” should have been written when I was high school. This album takes the crown of Pop Punk away from the multitudes of pretenders.

Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot (Mammoth) – One of the most exciting live shows I’ve seen. Dixieland has once again been fired with new blood and new ideas. Even punks like this stuff.

Money Mark Mark’s Keyboard Repair (Mo’ Wax/London) – Early morning bedroom Funk, played by a modern master. You can hear all sorts of stuff in the 30 + tracks, and it never gets boring.

Rasputina Thanks for the Ether (Columbia) – People finally get to see why cellos are such great instruments, and many kids get their first taste of modern classical music (blended nicely with rock, of course).

Buckethead Day of the Robot (Sub Meta) – Can we give a guitar master credit when it’s due to him? Metal, Dub, Jungle, Ambient… He does it all, and in ways you’ve never heard before.

Firewater Get Off The Cross… (Jet Set) – Fantastic Drunken Gypsy Lounge Wedding Music, played by some of the greats (members of the Jesus Lizard, Cop Shoot Cop, Foetus, Jon Spencer, et. al.).

And a few more that didn’t make the cut: Download, The Moog Cookbook, Super 5 Thor, Dead Can Dance, Princess Superstar, Possession: African Dub, Elend, Spitters, Pansy Division, Poe, Long Fin Killie, Moonshake, Automatic Head Detonator.