Plaster of Paris, Texas – Diesel Motorcycle – Review

Plaster of Paris, Texas

Diesel Motorcycle
by Scott Hefflon

Vocalist/Bassist Jhen Kobran (ex-Malachite) has a new band that sounds a whole lot like 7 Year Bitch. That means it rocks your bad boy butt like few female-fronted “He broke up with me/I’m so sad” bands can. Perhaps the word is balls. Perhaps I don’t want to expand on this idea. Plaster of Paris, Texas, while a stupid name for a Boston band, has the good taste to break every stereotype of the “Boston sound.” Jhen’s throaty howls, growls, yelps, and snarls are occasionally accompanied by hard male vocals with solid post-metal stylings, but the power of the band comes straight from her lungs. It would be near-criminal to downplay the musical talent of guitarist Cole Reinwand and bassist Tod McFarland (both ex-Grovemen) who provide a massive foundation for Jhen to stomp on. Jhen’s ability to make a few repetitive bass plunks sound both mighty and complex rounds out the sound of P.o.P.,T.. Local luminaries like Mudrock (producer), Frank E. Butkus (producer), Jonathan Wyner (masterer), Peter Rinnig (graphic artist), and Kathleen Weller (artist) contribute to this well-produced and packaged release, takeing it head and shoulders above standard unsigned fodder.
(PO Box 410433 Cambridge, MA 02141)