Mortician – Hacked up for the Barbecue – Review


Hacked up for the Barbecue (Relapse)
by Scott Hefflon

This is so similar to their last release, House By The Cemetery (only there’re more songs), I’m going to merely amend the review I wrote for issue #25. Incoherent growling in that Cookie Monster belch style (which I usually hate, but this time at least it makes it so you can’t decipher the juvenile attempts at being gross), fuzzed-beyond-tone (no matter how low you “tune”) guitar and bass, and a drum machine set on hyperspeed (advanced models now come with that preset, thus making even easier to be inept) is just really not my idea of pleasurable listening. The movie samples are (still) interesting, clearly sampled, and uncredited. Vomiting into a toilet bowl and smashing your knuckles into something really hard, really fast sounds the same and is equally painful. Whether this is the result of a “premier band taking extreme death metal one step further into the abyss of ultimate barbaric sonic insanity” or a novelty item you throw on every now and again to remember how incredibly stupid and useless a slab of death metal can be, Mortician is a band to remember.