Riverdales – “Blood on the Ice” / “No Sense” – Review


“Blood on the Ice” / “No Sense” (Honest Don’s)
by Scott Hefflon

It’s about time Ben and the boys rediscovered the enthusiasm of playing Ramones-style punk rock. Sure, we let that Joey hoodlum drone on and on in that distinctly too-cool-to-care monotone for a decade or two, but why not enunciate, and at least pretend you’re singing about issues you give a shit about? The Riverdales are doing that Beach Boys bubblegum schtick now, much like The Queers and all the up-and-comers (often referred to as “trend-hopping, no-talent wanna-bes”) they inspired. And while the hockey motif is well worn (“puck rock” was funny the first coupla times we heard it, but recent legislation has been passed which allows self-appointed Guardians of Hipness to beat the living snot out of dweeboids who didn’t get the email saying the phrase was passé), at least they play it energetically. “Blood on the Ice” is available on Storm the Streets, “No Sense” is exclusive to this record.