The Edge – Review

The Edge

with Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson
Directed by Lee Tamahori
Written by David Mamet
by Scott Hefflon

Not usually one for outdoor adventure flicks, I’ll admit I don’t have much context in which to place The Edge. The movie works because it combines fantastic scenery, a few well-placed man-against-nature action sequences, and shows that quick wit and ingenuity can transcend corporate life into survival in the wild. Hopkins plays billionaire Charles Morse, Baldwin plays fashion photographer Robert Green, who’s sleeping with Morse’s model wife, Mickey, played by Macpherson. Harold Perrineau again gets cast as the expendable Black assistant, and you get the feeling he’d make a damn good actor if he ever lived ’til the end of a movie. The Edge doesn’t go nuts with action, as it easily could, nor does it plunge into brains-over-brawn, ditto. The balance of smarts, action, and emotion makes The Edge an inspiring, yet not essential, movie experience.