25 Ta Life – Strength Thru Unity/ The Spirit Remains – Review

25 Ta Life

Strength Thru Unity/The Spirit Remains (Triple Crown)
By Margo Tiffen

Strength Through Unity is the newest offering from New York Hardcore forerunners 25 Ta Life and surprise, surprise, they’re still pissed. NYHC is alive and kicking which is all-too obvious when it takes longer to read the thanx list than it does to listen to the entire EP. As Rick growls in “Loose Wit Da Truth,” “heard it all before,” and I sure have, but I’ll still take as much of it as I can get. Put down that aerosol can, spark up a blunt, and grab your hooded sweatshirt. This hard-hitting six song EP is, as usual, a call for unity, a study in controlled aggression, a quick, nasty bite outta life.