Welcome to Triple Crown Records – Review

Welcome to Triple Crown Records

(Triple Crown)
by Tim Den

Triple Crown’s undiscriminating roster policy has always been one of its strengths. Its choices of signees, however, is often another story. Having bands as diverse as Skinnerbox (great hyper-ska), No Redeeming Social Value (hilarious and fun hardcore), and Overthrow (new school hardcore crunch) definitely shows that the label has an open ear to many different genres, but whatever ground is gained often gets set back with a slew of mediocre hardcore bands (particularly Mushmouth, 25 Ta Life, Voice Of Reason, and Death Threat) and below-average emo rock bands (Hot Rod Circuit, Lounge). Getting Jejune to contribute to this comp is a huge step in the right direction, especially since the band is no longer together. I hope this is a sign of things to come.

Bottom line: Welcome to Triple Crown Records is a great way of getting to know one of the more hard-working labels in the underground, even if its bands have not all reached the level of competency that the label has. A few more Stubborn All Stars and NRSV value records should solve that. Others: Step Lively, Radiation Kings, Comin’ Correct, One 4 One, King Django & Rocker T.
(331 West 57th St. #472 New York, NY 10019)