The Jimmies – Let the Fat Men Plunder – Review

The Jimmies

Let the Fat Men Plunder (Panic Button)
by Scott Hefflon

Portland, OR’s The Jimmies straddle that powerchord pop/mid-tempo pop/punk line admirably. Many’d namedrop Hüsker Dü, and that’s a really nice name to drop. Whether that’s wishful thinking, grasping at comparative straws, or the stripped-bare truth (face it, Hüsker Dü “somehow” made the simple magical, and while many before and since have played the same notes, applied the same philosophy, most have failed horribly, hence the world being full of useless bands), well, that’s up to you, kid. The Jimmies do seem to have a knack for not really doing anything revolutionary, but they make the comfortably obvious sound pretty damn good.
(PO Box 148010 Chicago, IL 60614)