U-Turn – Review


with Sean Pean, Billy Bob Thornton, Powers Boothe, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Nolte, Julie Hagerty, Joaquin Phoenix, Jon Voight
Directed by Oliver Stone
Written by John Ridley
by Scott Hefflon

Saying Oliver Stone is a great film director is like saying getting poked in the eye is no fun or sunsets are kinda nice, so let’s more on. U-Turn collects an all-star cast, tips the directorial cap to many a movie, then blows doughnuts in the dust-bowl. Many great camera angles, loads of props to nod knowingly to yourself over, and a story line that, when all is said and done, amounts to squat. As a Russ Meyer fan, I loved the setting – Nowhere, U.S.A., a town where no one works, everyone fucks everyone else, and people drive, fight, drink, and die without ever leaving the town limits. But aside from some clever dialogue, like the repeated advice to be more careful, this was a Twinkie.