Hopelessly Devoted to You too – Review

Hopelessly Devoted To You Too

by Scott Hefflon

Anticipating the Grease resurgence, Hopelessly Devoted To You has a punk couple posed like J.T. and O.N-J. on its cover and contains tracks from some of the great 7″s and bands signed to Hopeless, as well as the stinkers. Ditto with Hopelessly Devoted To You Too, but without the Grease motif. With ten unreleased songs and a slew of good bands, at $4, this sampler is definitely worth the bucks. Aside from regular Hopeless bands (Falling Sickness, Heckle, Funeral Oration, Digger, Mustard Plug and Nobodys [both of whom I greatly like], and Against All Authority [who I greatly don’t]), there are a couple gems from 88 Fingers, and new signees Dillinger Four, and The Queers, one of whose tracks is a cover of Screeching Weasel’s “Like A Parasite.” While that doesn’t quite equal the first comp’s songs by Guttermouth, “Gee Officer Krupke” by Schlong, and the bonus track “We Go Together” by Nobodys, at least Too has the bonus track The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian,” which seems to have half the Hopeless bands kickin’ in. And while it’s fuckin’ awful, it’s awful in the great tradition of punk bands fuckin’ up perfectly good songs. Man, Joe Queer is sounding more like Social D.’s Mike Ness every day.

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