Sister Soleil – Soularium – Review

Sister Soleil

Soularium (Universal)
By Rowan-Morrison

While the Major Label machine is bent on scooping up any seductive siren crooning away over mellow breakbeats and ethereal electronic rhythms, they probably got more than they bargained for with Sister Soleil‘s Stella Katsoudas. Although this Chicago scenester does have sexy, soulful vocals and smooth, synth-driven backing tracks, she isn’t chained to one tempo. Instead of just doing ballad-esque tunes, she unleashes everything from heavy electronica techno attacks (“Hit Me”), to groove-oriented club constructions (“AOL,” “Lounge Lizard”), and even a ’20’s-inspired song (“Liar”).

Since Stella has spent plenty of time in the synthcore slums, contributing guest vocals to songs by Chemlab, Ministry, 16 Volt, and Acumen Nation, it’s no surprise that some aggressive sonic tendencies surface. However, even as the music sways between high and low energy BPMs, her hypnotic voice is consistently distinct and passionate. There are plenty of similar flavors on the market, but few taste as good as this. It might also be of interest that Peter Gabriel sings on one of her songs.
(2220 Colorado Ave Santa Monica, CA 90404)