Decampitated – Review


(Glue Factory)
by Tim Den

Funny combination: B-flick horror movie theme (which doesn’t take itself too seriously) with metallic hardcore (which takes itself way too seriously). At least it’s funny to some of us. Decampitated features heavy hitters such as H2O, Strife, and Hatebreed (sounding more and more like Sepultura), as well as lesser-known bands like Will Haven and Flak (who are actually more of an industrial-core band a la God Lives Underwater). And while all of the above dish out some heavy pounding, the highlights of this comp really rest on two bands: Candiria and Coalesce. The former, playing unpredictable yet brutally catchy jazz metal, delivers “Paradigm Shift” like System Of A Down meets Atheist. The latter, overdosing on Deadguy and tar-drinks, grinds its throat with “Have Patience,” and brings to mind tortured animals. Indeed, there is beauty in the madness. Other surprises include Sheer Terror doing a horns rocker (“Everything’s Fine”), a rather tame Calliope (despite the song title, “A Taste for Killing”), and a terrific number by the usually mundane Overcast (“Styrofoam Death-Machine”). Overall, a short-but-sweet disc.
(PO Box 404 Redondo Beach, CA 90277)