Incompatible #1 – Review

Incompatible #1

(Punk Uprisings/Victory)
by Tim Den

Now here’s something new… a CD ROM compilation and ‘zine. Not only is it a great idea, it proves to be a pretty interesting read. Columns from every hardcore band member/record label owner/’zine editor, including Justin Branna (Indecision), Rob Fish (The Judas Factor), Anthony Pappalardo (In My Eyes), Porcell (Shelter), and Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds), to name but a few. Granted, not all these gentlemen have much to say, but having a collection of ’em does serve up a chuckle or two. There’re also interviews and live videos from almost every band on the comp: Atom And His Package (it doesn’t get funnier than his “Pumping Iron for Enya”), Buried Alive, All Out War, Damnation A.D., 88 Fingers Louie, Fast Times, For The Living, I Hate You, Indecision, Kid Dynamite, Lanemeyer, Less Than Jake, Longfellow, Nine Lives, One Hit Wonder, Six Going On Seven, and Ultimate Warriors, making this baby a packed little treasure. Add on a student film, an art gallery, a photo gallery, a feature story, three magazine’s worth of music reviews, and some of the aforementioned bands’ best songs (especially Damnation A.D. and Six Going On Seven) and you’ve got a flawless creation. Big shiny award for creativeness and high quality to the editor.
(PO Box 9771 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)