Solarized – Jersey Devils – Review


Jersey Devils (Meteorcity)
by Scott Hefflon

Desert rock, stoner rock, groove rock, whatthefuckever. Tuned low, dirty-sounding and mean, reeking of musty Sabbath riffs recently hung out to dry in the barren, windswept streets of a ghost town, yet with more rock/hardcore roar (or at least vocal distortion) than acid-headed, post-hippie doom. Equal parts early Soundgarden howls, Monster Magnet psychedelic drone, and Clutch jam, but perhaps I’m just searching for something other than Sabbath to reference. Solace is Tommy Southard (formerly of Godspeed), and Solarized is the outgrowth of Daisycutter (which had Tim Cronin and Ed Mundell of Monster Magnet), if that helps.
(531 Wagon Train SE Albuquerque, NM 87123)