Honeyglazed – The Trouble with Girls – Review


The Trouble with Girls (Curve of the Earth/Wonderdrug)
by Scott Hefflon

Yummy. That’s the best description of the sexy, glitzy, melodic, rolling thunder that is Honeyglazed. Combining the talents of the gals (Kris Canning – bass, and Collage – vocals and keyboards), the brothers (David – vocals and harmonica, and Nicky Kuland – drums), and Boston hard rock legend Tim Katz (Seka/Stripmined, Roadsaw, etc.) on lead bass, this is a band that honestly doesn’t need guitars to swagger and slither their way into your CD player again and again. Psychedelic rock much like Earth Eighteen (a band who’s relatively unknown due to pathetic label mismanagement but fuckin’ rule), Honeyglazed’s low end rumbles and shakes its fat ass while kinda sci-fi/poppy keyboards (without being like Cyndi Lauper, thanks) skitter and skate through melodies as often as they offer rhythmic support.

And while the layered girl vocals teeter close to B-52’s territory at times (like that’s a bad thing), the pounding drums and distorted roar of lead bass make damn sure you know this is rock-yer-ass rock, not syrupy pop with squealing bimbos in tight clothing. Although these guys and gals can sprinkle that into the mix without risk of sucking hard. With a pleasant amount of stoner drone, a splash or two of new wave and secret spy synths, and the horns and sax of “Milk and Morality” (courtesy of Tim and Dennis of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones), Honeyglazed is pure ear candy for those who think rock sucks ass cuz radio programmers wouldn’t know real melodic rock if it bitch-slapped their fat, balding heads.
(1312 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02215/PO Box 995 Boston, MA 02123)