Hot Curly Weenie Vol.2 – Review

Hot Curly Weenie

Vol. 2 (Recess)
by Scott Hefflon

Sick of all that “punk” stuff that sounds so clean and wholesome yer mom kinda bops to it? Check out Hot Curly Weenie. It’s sure to get mom yelling at you to turn the shit down. Loud, snotty, bratty, noisy, kinda fucked up and sloppy – all the “qualities” that’ve made punk the music of youth rebellion. Liner notes are nil, many of the bands you may never’ve heard of, and many you may never hear of again, but so what? We’ve all listened to third-gen duped tapes that sounded worse cuz we never had cases for ’em, not to mention any kind of track listing. Who are they? What song is this? What are they saying? Who the hell cares? It’s fuckin’ punk to sneer at and trash yer room to, yer mom pounding on the door to turn it down, not realizing that it’s all part of the experience. For those who’re into naming names: Quincy Punx x2, Furious George x2, F.Y.P. x4 (including one split with the Dwarves), The Grumpies x2, Sex Offenders x2, Dwarves x3 (including F.Y.P. split), Jag Offs x2, Berzerk x2, Pud, Hidden Resentments, Stun Guns, Kankersores x2, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Criminals, The Crumbs, The Four Letter Words, and Les Turds. And 11 tracks are previously unreleased, for those keeping score.
(PO Box 1112 Torrance, CA 90505)