Liquid Gang – Nineteenth Soul – Review

Liquid Gang

Ninteenth Soul (Gotham)
by Scott Hefflon

Yup, the kids’re gonna love Liquid Gang. Hip-hop/metal mixed with the strolling riffs and powerful melodies of grunge metal. Limp Bizkit meets Godsmack for you new kids on the metal block, Alice in Chains meets Rage Against the Machine for the old schoolers. Liquid Gang has passion and melodies to belt out, plus the prerequisite distorted rap’n’roar to get yer arms in the air doing that “Go! Go!” thing y’all seem to like so much. While by this late date it’s kinda hard to write a memorable guitar rhythm that’s as heavy as a really heavy thing and still catchy, Liquid Gang come damn close.
(PO Box 20188 New York, NY 10014)