Pezz – Warmth and Sincerity – Review


Warmth and Sincerity (BYO)
by Scott Hefflon

With Social Distortion’s Mike Ness turning toward singer/songwriter goals (and doing a fine job, I might add), there’s an opening for hoarse-voiced mid-tempo punk rock. As is the case in today’s world, when there’s one opening, they’re 20 bands vying for the position. And while Welt is one of my faves (produced by Bill & Stephen, yet on Dr. Dream, a label finally pulling together before the big Universal merger wiped them off the map), Memphis’ Pezz is a fine runner-up. Warmth saturates this Albini-produced record, and while no one song stands out as “the next overplayed single,” Pezz have a consistency that makes the whole album worth spinning.
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