The Blasting Boom – Review

The Blasting Room

(Owned & Operated)
by Scott Hefflon

Anyone who knows dick about punkpop knows the production work of Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egarton, drummer and guitarist of Descendents/ALL. The Blasting Room is a collection of 20 songs (plus an uncredited acoustic diddle called, I believe, “Run, OJ, Run”) by 20 bands who’ve recorded at the world-famous Blasting Room (hence the title, genius). And while not every track by every band is award-winning and there are some omissions I’d’ve liked to hear (most notably Zeke, from their Scooch Pooch release, Flat Tracker), there are plenty of unreleased tracks from damn good bands that make this worth picking up. Liner notes include addresses and if/where the tracks can be found. Stopping by the B. room: ALL, Wretch Like Me, Shades Apart, Radiobaghdad, New Rob Robbies, Armchair Martian, Tanger, MxPx, My Name, Lemons, Someday I…, Welt, Electric Summer, Hagfish, Lagwagon, Bill the Welder, Descendents, Drag the River, Mustard Plug, and Immortal Dominion.
(PO Box 36 Fort Collins, CO 80522)