F-Minus – Review


by Tim Den

F-Minus? A+ is more like it. I have yet to hear a hardcore punk record as raw as United Blood by Agnostic Front, or TSOL’s debut… until now. Pure, unadulterated anger on speed. As fast as the legends and as blood-boilingly pissed as it always should’ve been. This is early ’80s, sloppy- playing- but- who- cares- because- we- can- squash- you- with- our- might, supersonic lyric reciting at its best. Except the sloppy playing… Imagine if you took Agnostic and TSOL and taught them how to play with each other. Then gave them music lessons so they could play in sync. That’s F-Minus. This is such authentic early hardcore punk that no one will care the band was preteen when the originals came out. I’m getting myself another drink…
(2799 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026)