Pedal Faster Bicycle Rider – Review

Pedal Faster Bicycle Rider

(Accident Prone/Holiday Matinee)
by Tim Den

Mixed feelings on this one. For one thing, I’ve had it up to here with “artistic” inlays and pictures of architecture that’re supposed to look all elegant. It’s come to the point where it’s arrogant and snotty. Cut it out. Please. For another, there aren’t too many tracks here that require second listening (if you get my drift). Simply put, there are more than a few snail-paced tunes on this thing. Excuse me while I nap.

There are, however, aspects of this comp that make me think twice. One, it’s put out by a publicity company that’s out to redefine the business. Kudos for that. Two, said publicity company takes on clients in the ink-and-paper trade, which is always encouraging to us typing monkeys. Three, the writers on Holiday Matinee are represented on the comp with three spoken word tracks. Very nice. Four, Jejune, Very Secretary, and The Wicked Farleys all kick some ass here, so of course a smile is automatically on my face. So… decisions, decisions.

I still can’t make up my mind about this. But maybe you can, seeing as the description I gave might help you decide if you’d like this or not (more sarcasm). Best of luck. Only question: Where’s The Stereo? If they’re among the company’s clients, why aren’t they on here? Boo!! Others appearing on the comp: The Shyness Clinic, Piebald, Tristeza, Sunday’s Best, Pedro The Lion, Tugboat Annie, Sterling Silver, Fiver, Sharks Keep Moving, Egon (great name, by the way), Boilermaker, and Adam Voith.
(PO Box 120289 San Diego, CA 92112)