Boycott – Review

Boycott Radical Records

by Scott Hefflon

Gotta love the mock self-criticism. Like Lollipop‘s part-time slogan, “We Suck!” And while I’ve never fully understood Radical’s appeal or signing criteria, there’s stuff here that steps outta the confines of fill-in-the-blanks punk, Oi!, and ska. Most bands kick in three songs, so you actually get a feel for what they’re about, not just “the single,” which can be a misleading representation. My favorite band here is Road Rage, some fine roundhouse punch Oi!, and The Cuffs are rough’n’throaty, but most people’ll probably buy this to get more Blanks 77, a band I’ve never grasped the appeal of. Other bands to boycott: Inspector 7, The Booked, The Agents, I.C.U, Sturgeon General, and Social Scare.