Dorian Gray – The Sounds of – Review

Dorian Gray

The Sounds of (Zip/Monogram)
by Tim Den

Gorgeous pop from Sweden, so you know it’s good. What, produced by The Merrymakers too? No chance in hell that this is going to be bad. Dorian Gray sound like they listened to a lot of Jellyfish, The Grays, and The Merrymakers. The vocalist sounds identical to the band’s famed producers. Key changes, descending melodies, dreamy harmonies… oh my. How many more bands do we need to prove that Sweden is the place to be? The Cardigans (early stuff, at least), Komeda, not to mention the previously mentioned supergroup… now Dorian Gray. Fuckin’ shit, I love this stuff…
(116 New Montgomery St. #200 San Francisco, CA 94105)