Nickelback – The State – Review


The State (Roadrunner)
by Craig Regala

I think the third song on this, “Leader Of Men,” is moving up the rock radio charts. You probably know it if you listen to 99.Limp Bizkit or 107.Kid Rock. Look at ‘m as a less bombastic Creed, they’ve toured with Oleander and Silverchair, and most probably pulled a buncha new fans. Real pro playing, mixing, production, the big vocal treatment with that aggravating post-Vedder “sensitive manliness.” Welcome the new mid-weights – nowadays it’s either this or the Sons Of Korn as far as new “rock” goes. If radio will take Nickleback, there’s a chance for the new Leadfoot – they’re not that different: less melodramatic singing, more rock’n’roll in the roots, less pop sheen. Me? (thanks fer askin’) I’m listening to High On Fire’s The Art Of Self Defense. One of the guys from Sleep, sounds it too.