Naive – Post Alcoholic Anxieties – Review


Post Alcoholic Anxieties (Kool Arrow)
by Scott Hefflon

No shit, Russian punk? Being punk’n’drunk in Russia throughout the ’90s is quite a feat, and evidently they’ve fought both the good fight as well as some not-so-good fights. And that’s a lot of fighting. Not to mention that while ya can’t understand a freakin’ word, there’s the feeling that this is the real shit, unlike what any suburban American kid could sneer out, no matter how hard he tried. And the tunes rock to boot. This ain’t just some novelty you’ll cut slack to, it gets yer blood pumpin’ the way punk should, bringing to mind the struggle of expressing your identity (or at least the formerly underground group-of-rebels aesthetic of being dirty, drunk, angry, and, well, punk) against all odds.
(5902 Monterey Rd. #666 Los Angeles, CA 90042)