The Quill – Review

The Quill

by Craig Regala

Straight organic metal bridging ’70s hard rock structure, ’80s clarity and punch, and ’90s editing flow and power. The Quill deliver Hammond B3 organ and nifty melodic guitar parts that wouldn’t be out of place on late ’60s period British or European psych bands, vocals that soar and ring (no grinding howl), enabling them to cover Maiden and maintain lineage from early Scorps and UFO to the mall blues/hair bands. Somehow they do this without stepping on their dick or making me puke. I guess now that emo and pop-punk bands have slipped the hair band dildos “up and in,” the OK part of the hirsute ones can be recovered by The Quill and their ilk, many of which can be found on the two-CD Maiden tribute on MeteorCity. The Quill’d be a good band to open for Zakk Wylde, should he tour his current Southern/kickass band. I bet they both could do great versions of Robin Trower tunes.