Brujeria – Brujerizmo – Review


Brujerizmo (Roadrunner)
by Tim Den

I gave up on this “band” a long time ago, ever since their second full-length, Raza Odiada, failed to exhibit even the slightest potency of their debut’s humor and brutality. But proving that they still have quite a bit of juice left in ’em, Brujerizmo is a punishingly addictive death metal album, one that reestablishes Brujeria‘s mixture of Fear Factory rhythms, Terrorizer riffing, and Spanish Satanic ramblings as morbid Silly Royalty. As expected, tales of cum-addicted demons, Zapatista revolutions, and Mexican pride are littered across the board (to the non-Spanish speakers: you don’t know what fun you’re missing), all to the tune of jackhammering distortion and the occasional “lengua mamon” (or, ahem, “fag shouts”). Moving beyond the cliches of Raza Odiada – which saw the band take its “mythical identity” more seriously than their own fans, as in reiterating all of the debut’s subject matter with an entire album of “Pt. 2″s. Brujerizmo is catchy without being simply dumb, heavy but with a self-parodying rhythmic punctuation (you gotta hear it to understand). Basically, it fucking rules. It’s memorable, it’s hilarious (if you get the joke; and please don’t tell me you haven’t figured it out in the ten years since this badly-kept secret’s been around), and it’s so brutal it’s sick. In their own words: “Aqui esta tu papi. Andale!”
(902 Broadway New York, NY 10010)