Chixdiggit – From Scene to Shining Scene – Review


From Scene to Shining Scene (Honest Don’s)
by Scott Hefflon

This release came out over the summer, but it fell outta my review box and it’s so damn catchy I can’t not say how much I like it. Melodic punk, not unlike the best of the rest, but somehow better, damn near immaculate. The vocals, I dunno, are thicker than most, maybe the way Lagwagon and other notables just stand out from the rest. I’d liken this puppy to Cheap Trick or something, but ya probably wouldn’t immediately reference the silliness of “Dream Police” and such, so that’d be misleading. No, this isn’t “The Flame.” In closing this faltering fawning, I’d like to quote a review that knocks my dick in the dirt. While You Were Sleeping quipped “Let’s get this straight: Chix don’t dig it, or you, they dig me. Were any of you pillowbiters invited to Montreal with a Seventeen Magazine model of the month for a wild weekend of boozing and bonking? Or how about to Croatia to stay with two big-titted sisters begging me for a XXX double DD festival?” OK, I’m humbled…
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