Holiday Matinee CD Compilation – Vol. 2 – Review

Holiday Matinee CD Compilation

Vol. 2 (Better Looking)
by Tim Den

Best friend and most eager to give hugs to gentle indie rock bands, Holiday Matinee is a PR firm that believes in and loves its roster at the same time. The love shows on this comp: From the college-boy-next-door liner notes to the glowing enthusiasm of the bio, Holiday Matinee is as proud of their clientele as they want you to be. With soft giants like Wheat and The Album Leaf on their side, it’s certainly hard to resist. Lately, the firm has been tackling everything from singer/songwriter stuff (Bright Eyes, AM/FM) to jangly crunch (No Knife, Cursive), giving the team a meatier ensemble… but it’s hardly necessary. Whether heavy on the bar chords or the electronic ambience, Holiday Matinee has a solid line-up that doesn’t need genre specifications to be appreciated. More: The Busy Signals, Tiara, The Mercury Program, Tristeza, Sunday’s Best, The Good Life, The Faint, Vue.
(11041 Santa Monica Blvd. PMB 302 Los Angeles, CA 90025)