The “Gone with the Wind” of Punk Rock Samplers – Review

The “Gone with the Wind” of Punk Rock Samplers

(Kung Fu)
by Scott Hefflon

Quite a claim, eh? I dunno, I might consider this the Die Hard of punk rock samplers, or maybe the Amazon Women on the Moon of punk rock samplers, but Gone with the Wind is a heady thought, much like The Wall (but that’d be more accurate if you were to see how many punk comps I have [cuz I can’t sell ’em for more than 50¢]). OK, so of the 19 songs, there are teaser songs from up-coming records, demo versions and unreleased tracks, and some songs are just kinda hard to find, so basically it’s the usual appeal of these things (if they’re done right): it’s a combination of stuff ya already like and stuff you’ll like as soon as ya hear it. Are we done now? You gonna go get this? If not, that’s your own fault and Franky, my queer harlot, I don’t give a damn. Bands who kick in a few tracks each: The Ataris, The Vandals, Josh Freese, Apocalypse Hoboken, Bigwig, Assorted Jelly Beans, MxPx, Useless I.D., Antifreeze.
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