All – Live + One – Review


Live + One (Epitaph)
by Scott Hefflon

The “Plus One” is a second CD of the Descendents live. And while I have either two or three live Descendents CDs, I’m only too glad to add another. With new classics like “I’m the One” and “We” and original heartbreakers like “Hope,” “Silly Girl,” “Get the Time,” and “Bikeage,” this is, obviously, something ya need to get, listen to repeatedly, and memorize every nuance, falter, fart, and chuckle. I swear, the secrets of the universe are folded neatly amidst the what-the? guitarwork, the strolling bass, the mad drumming, and the earnest vocalings of Milo, sweet Milo. And there’re plenty of those “I Like Food,” “No, ALL,” and “ALL-O-Gistic” moments as well, for those keeping score. 21 songs in 41 minutes just ain’t enough for this fan.

I really have to stop thinking of ALL as a pleasant afterthought, seeing as they’ve been around since ’88, Allroy Sez… was the first CD I owned (it was a gift, I didn’t even have a CD player yet, I just carried the damn thing from one shitty dorm room to another until I got a CD player, and then dropped out), and shit, they don’t even play stuff from them early days anymore (oops, except “Skin Deep”). Nice to have that kinda back catalog, huh? 22 songs in 50 minutes on this first CD just doesn’t cover it… Ditto with the perfect blend of percolating hardcore ditties and sentimental tearjerkers.
(2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)