Anyone – Review


by Scott Hefflon

I gotta give Roadrunner props for signing a completely different kind of over-hyped band I don’t like. Anyone is from SoCal, and perks include Orgy and Korn saying nice things about them, so you can tell it’s all going downhill from there. Funny thing is, they’re kinda psychedelic in a Jane’s Addiction-meets-groove-metal-way, and if that sounds awful, well, it pretty much is.

The singer, Riz Story (who, with Nipples and Static, is Anyone), sounds kinda whiney, like Perry or mildly like Getty Lee, or maybe the “band” Stillwater in Almost Famous. They’re really silly-looking (though in a different way than most bands), but they have the good graces to offer up a naked pink-haired hottie as the background to their insipid poem in the tray behind the CD.
(902 Broadway New York, NY 10010)