Kamelot – Karma – Review


Karma (Noise)
by Vinnie Apicella

Kamelot is an American band, yet their’s is the signature German power metal sound. Their Fourth Legacy release from ’99 was the class act of their career and one of the top metal records of the year, so as such, it’s hard to beat. The creativity, however, has not wavered and Karma is indeed on the same level as its predecessor. Opening in true curtain-raising style, “Regalis Apertura” offers a brief beginning to the story, and then opens with thunderous doses of “Forever,” a fast-paced, personally-evocative song wrought with romanticism and hope.

“Wings of Despair” follows, bringing their ever-widening riff to life with some intricately-woven melodies and sadness. Newcomers to the scene will bask in the haunting yet passionate character of the music, melodic beauty merged with furious beats, and a vision for a wondrous future. Karma, as powerful as the word itself, leaves little thematic vulnerability, though conceptually cognizant, it strives to spread its wings independently and take flight into the majestic midnight sky.