Nerves – World of Gold – Review


World of Gold (Thrill Jockey)
by Jon Sarre

The vocals get on my Nerves (hah! no pun intended!) in a way I can’t really put my finger on, but this power trio’s otherwise pretty fuckin’ solid, bouncy rhythm, yet still pretty solid like large rocks impacting on highways where ya see signs warning of such stuff (which I ain’t never once seen happen, but it’s hypothetically possible). They’re from Chicago, which at least usedta be the capital of heavydom (that broad shoulders thing, I guess), so, like hinted above, the drums’n’bass are way up there, but the guitarist (who’s the singer, too) is still no slouch. They seem like they’d be one of those bands that show up and play for an hour and a half (with no encore) and fucking demand that ya go home feelin’ like yer head got split open with a sonic fireax, but they wouldn’t say that to ya, probably they wouldn’t talk much at all, but many will listen and mebbe buy somethin’ too.
(PO Box 08038 Chicago, IL 60608)