Power of Metal – Symphonies of Steel – Review

Power of Metal

Symphonies of Steel (Noise)
by Scott Hefflon

Noise Records played an important role in my metal youth, from melodic heavy metal pioneers like Helloween (and later Gamma Ray and Iron Savior – as conspiracy experts agree, it’s all connected) to thrash greats like Kreator (funny that they’d use the title track to Pleasure to Kill and not something from Terrible Certainty which probably sold better and is usually considered in the top five thrash/speedmetal records of all time) and black metal forefathers Celtic Frost (pick a classic, any classic). Many say “Well, what about Running Wild?” And while I’d like to be flippant and say, “Yeah, what about them?”, anyone who’d actually ask the question is usually filled with useless information on why I should like a band I’ve never cared much for, and those people are less fun to hang out with than I am, and therefore should be avoided at all costs. The classic “Under Jolly Rogers” is here, along with another, so be happy and be fuckin’ quiet. And there’re fine representatives of mid-and-late ’90s material from such reputable names as Virgin Steele, Stratovarious, Kamelot, often a couple tracks each to show breadth or whatever.