I KISS YOU!!!! – Review


By Chad Van Wagner

OK, so this page has been here forever. Mahir has come and gone, broken a thousand hearts, and yet we come back begging for more. What? You’ve never heard of Mahir? The pimpest, fly-daddiest of ’em all? Well, pull up a chair, and I’ll get you caught up… Why don’t I just let the man speak for himself.

“My tall 1.84 cm (6.2 feet) My weight 78 kg.

My eyes green .. I live alone !!!!!!!!!

I have home – car ………

I Kiss You!!!!!”

Okay, maybe that doesn’t clear up much. Basically, Mahir is a guy from Istanbul who put up a site that attracted some obscene amount of people (one estimate is little over a quarter million one particularly busy week). He’s kind of Inspector Clouseau-looking, and has a thing for the ladies. And, like Inspector Clouseau, he gets ’em. The site has all sorts of fan pics from women all over the world (one even has a “signed” picture of Julia Roberts… boy, she has bad handwriting.)

Now, it’s not nice to make fun, is it? Well, maybe, but the man himself certainly seems to enjoy the attention, and the entire undertaking skirts the line between mockery and simple ignorance of the fact that people find him so damned funny. Slick self-parody, or clueless boob? Mahir doesn’t seem to care, and neither should you.

There’s all sorts of stuff to browse, for those of us who can’t get enough of studying the “fifteen minutes of fame” phenomenon. There’s games, a link just for parodies, loads of fan pictures, video (oh God), even an “Adult U Sent” section. The man has quite literally become a celebrity for having bad English and an over-active libido.

Fiction is dead, or at least redundant. If you ever wondered what would happen if a Simpsons character same to life, this site might be what you need.